Questions & Rhetoric

in the Greek New Testament

A helpful and thorough examination of questions in the Greek New Testament, seen from
the standpoint of grammatical, semantic, and linguistic analysis, with special emphasis on their rhetorical effects.

Questions & Rhetoric

While there are almost 1000 questions in the Greek New Testament, many commentators, pastors, and students skip over the questions for more ‘theological’ verses or worse they convert questions into statements to mine them for what they are saying theologically. However, this is not the way questions in the Greek New Testament work, and it overlooks the rhetorical importance of questions and how they were used in the ancient world.

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Douglas Estes

biblical scholar

Douglas Estes is assistant professor of New Testament and practical theology at South University-Columbia. He's the author or editor of seven books, and is the editor of Didaktikos. He contributes to publications such as Christianity Today and Bible Study Magazine. Douglas is a fellow in the Center for Pastor Theologians.

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