Braving the Future

Christian Faith in a World of Limitless Tech

Technology is changing around us at a blistering pace. We are entering an era in which human bodies merge with devices, corporations know everything about us, and artificial intelligence develops human and even godlike potential.

Braving the Future

“The future is coming so fast now that we can only imagine what it will bring,” Estes writes. “What happens when technology advances at such a speed that the average person can no longer keep up?” In Braving the Future, Estes samples eight key technologies that will shape our future: virtual reality, autonomous machines, gene editing, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, intelligent robots, nanotechnology, and cybernetics. Drawing on Scripture, Christian tradition, and a deep appreciation for science, Estes offers believers a grounded response to these rapid changes. He also responds to transhumanism, the new philosophy emerging from Silicon Valley that promotes radical life extension through tech. With thoughtful questions and suggestions, Estes helps readers choose trust in God over fearful retreat and following Jesus over uncritical engagement with technology. The future may not look exactly like a science fiction movie, but are we ready to brave a future of limitless tech and boundless change?

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Douglas Estes

biblical scholar

Douglas Estes is associate professor of biblical studies and practical theology at Tabor College. He's the author or editor of nine books, and is the editor of Didaktikos. He contributes to publications such as Christianity Today and Bible Study Magazine. Douglas is a fellow in the Center for Pastor Theologians.

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